New Podcast Launched Today!

After months of planning, I’m pleased to announce that the podcast I’ve helped to develop at Moody Radio is now available on iTunes!

What Did They Say Now?” is a different kind of Christian podcast. We want you to eavesdrop on our conversations about issues that impact followers of Jesus. We’re committed to honesty, transparency and authenticity. Lord willing, our real and unscripted conversations will initiate discussions in your life too. Perhaps we’ll even be able to model honest dialogue among believers. And in an era where Christians need to simply have some fun once in a while, I think you’ll enjoy the opportunity to laugh with us (or at us) a bit!
We’d love for you to subscribe to our podcast and join the conversation now! If you’re willing, we’d appreciate your reviews and ratings on iTunes. Connecting with us on social media is easy as well. We’re on Facebook and Twitter.
For more information on this brand new podcast, see my podcast tab above, or just click here. Thanks in advance for your support!

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