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Square promoMost radio shows just dump their regular program into a podcast. We’re not doing that.

You don’t need to listen to our morning show to understand the podcast. It stands all on its own. But we’ll use clips and calls from the show to build new unscripted conversations about current events, trending topics and faith issues that matter.

How is it different than our morning show? Well, there really aren’t any rules in podcasting. So Kathleen and I get to stretch a bit. Dig deeper. Push the boundaries. And other related clichés.

Oh, and like usual, I’ll tell terrible jokes and say awkward things. And Kathleen will do impressions and sing spontaneously. Hopefully you’ll laugh with us. Or at us.

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“Brian and Kathleen are posing questions worth asking in their own quirky style. It’s faith-based. Straight-forward. Funnier than we might expect.” 

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