Brian Dahlen grew up in Burnsville, Minnesota and holds a bachelor’s degree in social science/history and a master’s degree in education. While teaching public high school in the Minneapolis area, he began working part-time in broadcasting as the co-host/producer of a weekly talk radio program. After six years of teaching and two years of part-time broadcasting, Brian began working full-time in Christian radio at WMBI, 90.1FM Moody Radio Chicago. From June 2008 to July of 2015, Brian served in a variety of roles at WMBI from producer to host, and was the co-creator and co-host of a weekly Moody Radio podcast called “What Did They Say Now?”. Brian was also an Adjunct Professor in the Communications Department at the Moody Bible Institute. Brian currently serves as the host of “Brian and Jannelle Mornings” on Moody Radio Cleveland, and the co-host of the “Brian and Jannelle Podcast“. He lives with his wife and five children in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.

[**Please note: All views expressed on this website are Brian’s, and don’t reflect those of his employer or anyone else. That’s why the URL is www.briandahlen.com. Make sense? That concludes this friendly disclaimer.]

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  1. Hi Brian, I am a older white Christian man who has been saved since the 70’s. I am appalled with the state of the Christian Church in America. It is plagued by racism, idolatry (I.e. political and otherwise), and just a stupid kind of nonchalance about anything except, of course, their comfort and survival. Years ago, I read a book written in the 60’s by A.W. Tozer in which he decried the state of the church back then! I didn’t get it then…but I see it clearly now. It is a church that does not see sin, holiness, or godliness clearly enough to care about or be concerned with. It is a frivolous church that loves comfort, entertainment, safety and manages itself without Jesus in many respects. It is no longer a Christian entity in many ways…it is an Americanized version that is moth-eaten and weak. You may think I am overstating this. But, look at the early church, and even the church in other parts of the world today, and see where we stack up. Would enjoy your honest comments. I am not some old judgmental guy who thinks he is without sin. Just wondering what has happened.
    P.s. Read your article re: segregated Christian music. Nothing has changed since you wrote it…has it?

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