You can hear Brian Dahlen and Jannelle Nevels weekdays from 6-9AM EDT on WCRF, Moody Radio Cleveland. “Brian and Jannelle Mornings” brings you Christ-centered discussions packed with biblical insight and practical advice. Listen as they share thought-provoking expert interviews, cultural commentary, and candid conversations with callers.

Don’t live in the Cleveland area? No problem! You can stream the show live:

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Brian has served in variety of roles in both Minneapolis and Chicago. Here’s a quick sample of his on-air work over the years:

3 Replies to “Radio”

  1. Brian,
    I wasn’t able to catch today’s program. I only caught the very end. I was wondering, if you could give me the name of the guest & the church. I liked what I heard. I do not use Social Media (I’m a very private person).

    I like you & Jannelle. She brings something special to the show. Keep up the good work!

    Thank you!
    Susan Hammond

  2. Thank you! By the time I was able to look it up, I had forgotten the name. An early, “Merry Christmas” & “Happy New Year” to both you & Jannelle & your families!

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